Causes of Atherosclerosis

Risk factors of Atherosclerosis Include Obesity and High Blood Pressure

Atherosclerosis is toughening of arteries that might occur because of the accumulation of plaque in the lining of the artery. It could be some deposition containing fats, cholesterol, cellular wastes, calcium, or fibrin. As the substance builds up, the walls of the artery become thick and hard. Atherosclerosis is a disease that may slowly progress since childhood. However, it can show rapid progression later.

There could be many causes of atherosclerosis. Symptoms might differ depending on the artery that is affected. If a major artery gets blocked, signs may get severe. It could result in blood clots, heart attacks, or strokes. Most of the symptoms may be like that of heart conditions. It is advisable to see your doctor immediately. Causes of atherosclerosis cannot be exactly defined, but inflammation and built-up plaque in the artery walls lead to this condition. This causes trouble in the flow of blood and oxygen supply to the main organs of the body. As people age, arteries could become harder and weak, and blood vessels have to work harder to pump blood; this can eventually accumulate substances within the artery.

An unhealthy diet is one of the major causes of atherosclerosis. Consuming many oily foods and a regular intake of drinks with added sugar may also put you at risk of developing atherosclerosis. Not engaging in regular exercise is also a cause of atherosclerosis. Work outing is highly essential to maintain your blood circulation and heart health. It can greatly help to keep your heart and other organs strong.

High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and smoking are among the main risk factors of atherosclerosis. Experiencing unusual heartbeat (Arrhythmia), pain and stiffness in your chest, arms, neck (angina) and running short of breath could be symptoms of atherosclerosis. Feeling numbness in your limbs, having pain in your legs while walking, Finding it difficult to speak and understand what someone talks, poor vision and kidney failure are all symptoms of atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis might require medications and surgery depending on the condition of the illness and your doctor’s advice. However, it is vital to develop a better lifestyle. Maintain a healthy diet including whole foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts. Also, make sure you do regular exercises and drink plenty of clean water in order to prevent further complications in the future.

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