Aluyatawala School Water Filter Project

Blue Wave Water Filter Installation for Aluyatawala School

Alauyatawala school is situated in Mahiyanga in Badulla district of Sri Lanka. This school was in dire need of a water filtration system. It was highly challenging for the school to function due to the lack of pure water. Students and the staff had to struggle daily to find drinkable water from the neighbourhood. It even put them at risk of developing water-related diseases. Identifying the unfortunate situation, PureHydro came up with a better water purification system. PureHydro Blue wave water filter was installed to help Aluyatawala School have well-purified water.

Blue wave is an industrial water filter that is ideal for factories, institutions, and hospitality purposes. It has a daily capacity of 1500L and can purify well water, tap water, and brackish water. It is equipped with multiple purification systems. The sediment filter is the primary filtration system used to trap all the solid wastes. It sieves the dirt particles, debris, and rust flakes that can change the colour and odour of your water. UV filtration is another main filtration technology used; UV rays penetrate through the microbes, destroy the DNA structure, and stop them from reproducing. RO filtration is used to get rid of all the biological and physical impurities by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane. It can block all the molecules that are bigger than water molecules; therefore, it avoids harmful contaminants and dissolved salts that are not visible to our naked eyes passing through the membrane. It can also block all the chemicals that are dissolved in water. The blue wave water filter is also equipped with a carbon filtration system. Through a process called adsorption, the activated carbon used in this carbon filter contains a lot of pores on the surface. It allows the absorption of all the chemical wastes and contaminants. A pressure pump is also used in the Blue Wave water filter to ensure a steady flow of water. With the use of different purifying technologies, the Aluyatawala School water filter project done by PureHydro made it possible to make pure water available for the students and teachers of the school.

  • Project Name: Aluyatawala School
  • Location: Mahiyanganaya
  • Number of people benefited: 2000 Students
  • Product Name: Blue wave
  • Product capacity:1500ltr(can store5 up to 50L)
  • Liters per day: 1500ltr
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