Divisional Hospital Rajanganaya Water Filter

Blue Wave Water and Jambo filter Installation for Divisional Hospital Rajanganaya

Divisional hospital Rajanganaya is located in the Anuradapura district of Sri Lanka, a rural hospital in Sri Lanka that faces so many difficulties due to a lack of clean water. Every day patients and the staff have to struggle to find clean water. Functioning with minimal pure water is a great turmoil for everyone who has to come to this hospital for various medical purposes. They have no guarantee of any purification systems whatsoever. Due to the weak immunity of the patients, they are susceptible to any illness, where it even puts them at risk of developing water-related diseases. It was during such a situation that PureHydro went to them with a better solution for water purification. The Blue Wave Water filter and Jambo sediment-water filters were installed to overcome the pure water crisis in the Rajanganaya divisional hospital.

Blue Wave is the main filter used for the Divisional hospital Rajanganaya water filter project. It has a daily capacity of 1500L to serve around 8000 villagers. Multiple purification technologies are used to ensure that water is completely free from various impurities. RO purification is one of the prime purification methods used; during this filtration, water is forced through a semipermeable membrane that does not allow molecules larger than water to flow through. Therefore it can easily trap all the harmful microbes that are not visible to our naked eyes. The sediment filter equipped in the Divisional hospital Rajanganaya water filter can block all the physical impurities that the water carries. It can get rid of debris, rust flakes and other solid wastes that can change the colour and taste of water. A UV filter is another important purifying technology used. The UV rays penetrate through the microbes present in the water and destroy the DNA structure making it impossible for them to reproduce further. Carbon filtration is also equipped in the Divisional hospital Rajanganaya water filter to trap physical impurities. Activated carbon contains a lot of pores on its surface. They can easily absorb all the solid wastes through the process of adsorption. Water softer and a pressure pump are also used to increase the quality of water filtration.

  • Project Name: Divisional hospital Rajanganaya
  • Location: Rajanganaya
  • Number of people benefited: Around 8000 villages
  • Product Name: Blue wave and Jumbo sediment
  • Product capacity:1500ltr(including water softener)
  • Liters per day: 1500ltr
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