Kajuwatte School Water Filter Project

Blue Wave Water Filter Installation for Kajuwatte School

Kajuwatte School is situated in the Ampara district in a village called Ruhunugama. As this school is situated in the coastal region, they found it difficult to find clean water for consumption and cleaning purposes at school. Students and teachers have to struggle on a daily basis due to a lack of clean water. It was a huge hindrance to the teaching-learning process in the school. It interrupted children’s education to a larger extent. The management and the teachers had to worry about having clean water during school hours constantly. Therefore had to attend to it rather than focus on educational activities. Finally, the PureHydro water filter put an end to all of these miseries. We were able to provide a better water treatment solution to make clean water available for the students and staff of the school. The teachers and children were overjoyed to have clean water on school premises. Blue Wave PureHydro water filter was used for the Kajuwatte School water filter project.

The filter is specially designed for water purification for schools and institutions. Blue Wave Kajuwatte School water filter has a daily capacity of 1500L to serve clean water for around 2500 students and teachers. It can also store up to 50 L of water. A multi-purification system is equipped in the Kajuwatte School water filter. UV filtration is one of the purifying technologies used. It can easily get rid of the harmful microorganisms in water. Ultraviolet rays penetrate through these microbes and destroy DNA structure, which interrupts further multiplication of these organisms. Carbon filtration is another purification system used in the Blue Wave water filter. The activated carbon used contains a higher porosity level that can trap a large number of physical impurities. The filter is also equipped with a RO purifier. It has a semipermeable membrane through which the water is forced, blocking all the harmful bacterias and viruses that are not visible to our naked eyes. Water softer is also used in the Kajuwatte School water filter to get rid of calcium and magnesium to enhance the quality of water. Installation of this filter is a significant milestone for the school to take care of the health condition of the students and teachers.

  • Project Name: Kajuwatte School
  • Location: Ruhunugama
  • Number of people benefited: 2500 Students and staff
  • Product Name: Blue wave ( with water softeners)
  • Product capacity: 1500ltr(can store up to 50ltr)
  • Liters per day: 1500ltr
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