Rajamaha Viharaya Water Filter Project

Rajamaha Viharaya Water Filter Installation Project

Dutuwewa Peranigama Gamini Rajamaha viharaya is located in Anuradhapura. At this temple, obtaining pure water has been a struggle throughout. It was an interruption for daily activities at the temple for the priests and the villagers. They had to face difficulties in finding pure water for daily consumption and other usages. The water they had in the temple premises was not clean enough for these purposes. PureHydro came up with a better water treatment solution for Dutuwewa Peranigama Gamini Rajamaha Viharaya. With the Blue Wave water filter installation, people and the priest could happily get back to their rituals and activities in a much better way.

The Blue wave used for the Rajamaha Viharaya water filter project is an industrial water filter that can be used at small-scale factories, schools, hospitals and institutions to purify tap water, brackish water and well water. It has a daily capacity of 1500L. This filter is equipped with four different water purifying technologies. Sediment filtration is the primary water filtration system used. It acts as a shield to trap all the physical waste materials like sand, soil, dirt, debris and rust flakes from worn-out water pipes. As the sediment can remove all of these impurities, it can improve the colour and odour of your water supply. UV filtration installed in the filter effectively eliminates microbes by penetrating them and destroying their DNA structuring, making it impossible to reproduce further. UV filtration does not necessarily add anything or take away essential minerals from water. So it does not contribute to improving the colour or taste of water. Carbon purifying technology used in Blue Wave helps eliminate chemical contaminants like chlorine, arsenic, mercury, radon and other biological impurities. Through adsorption, the carbon material with many pores on the surface efficiently traps all these contaminants. RO filtration is another purification technology used; it has a semipermeable membrane through which the water is forced to sieve excess salt and other chemical pollutants. Therefore it helps to maintain the TDS level of water, which also helps to improve the taste of water. The blue wave used for the Rajamaha Viharaya water filter project is also equipped with a pressure pump to ensure water flows at a steady rate without interruption.

  • Project Name: Dutwewa Peranigama Gamini Rajamaha Viharaya
  • Location: Dutuwewa Galenbidunuwewa
  • Number of people benefited: 750 villagers
  • Product Name: Blue Wave
  • Product capacity: 1500ltr
  • Liters per day: 1500ltr
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