Water Filters For Factories

PureHydro RO Water Filters for Factories

“Water filters for factories have become highly essential due to the massive amount of contaminants mixed in waterways. Factories need to ensure that the water they use for various purposes is clean and free from impurities. Food manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical industries should always make sure that the water is free from chemical substances that can cause harm to the end product. They should take the necessary steps to test the water utilized for production and use an efficient water purification system to ensure safety. It is also true for factories manufacturing clothes, paints and even construction-related products. They must use water free from chemical and biological impurities to avoid issues in production processes. Also, clean water is essential for rinsing equipment to prevent damages. Sometimes remains of contaminants on these types of equipment may even affect the manufacturing of products. Well-purified water is also crucial to ensure quality production and for consumptions purposes in the factories.

PureHydro has a range of industrial water filters. Some of them are Aura Cebilon S, Blue Wave, SMN 1500, SMN 3000, SMN 6000, SMN 800, and Water Dispenser. These filters are equipped with four major purifying technologies. Sediment filtration is the primary purifying technology and it removes all the physical impurities in water like dirt, debris, and rust flakes. To treat the microbes in water UV filter is used. It penetrates through the pathogens and destroys the DNA structure avoiding further reproduction. It does not change the colour or taste of water but only destroys them. Carbon filtration is one of the main purification systems that efficiently traps all the chemical and microbiological impurities. Through a process called adsorption, the activated carbon that contains a lot of pores can absorb contaminants. It also can get rid of bad tastes and odours in water. Water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane under pressure to sieve harmful chemical substances and excess salt dissolved in water through RO filtration. Therefore it helps to maintain the TDS level of water, contributing to the aesthetic quality of water. Also, these water filters for factories are equipped with a pressure pump to increase the speed of water flow and make sure to get water without any hindrance.”

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