Water filters for Hotels and Restaurants

PureHydro RO Water Purifiers for Commercial Use

“It is essential to have clean water when running a hotel, restaurant, or any other business in the hospitality industry. Having water filters for hotels is the key to creating a comfortable environment for your customers, which will help you to prevent bad reviews due to poor water quality. It will also ensure hygienic food production and prevent your pipes and appliances from being damaged. Hard water might even corrode water pipes and dishwashers. One of the most common demands of customers is good-tasting water to refresh themselves or even to make their coffee. The quality of water will also be reflected in the food prepared at the hotel. You should also ensure that water flows at a steady rate so that the customers do not get frustrated and are satisfied with your services. Well-purified water is also needed for laundry. You might need the help of experts to come up with an efficient water treatment solution due to the great demand for water at hotels. PureHydro has worked with numerous hospitality industries in providing a range of water filters for hotels, restaurants, and offices.

Our industrial filters are equipped with four different filtration systems to treat all kinds of chemical and biological impurities. The sediment filter is the primary type of filter that acts as the shield to trap all the physical pollutants like sand, soil, dirt, debris and rust flakes. Sediment filtration can improve the colour and odour of water by getting rid of these contaminants. UV filtration destroys microbial contaminants. UV rays penetrate through these microbes and destroy the DNA structure to avoid further reproduction. This filtration does not necessarily change the colour or taste of water. Carbon filtration helps to remove chemical contaminants likes chlorine, arsenic, mercury and radon. Through adsorption, carbon particles with a higher porosity level quickly absorb all these harmful chemical and biological contaminants. RO filtration is another major purifying technology used in our water filters for hotels and other hospitality purposes. Water is forced through a semipermeable membrane that sieves extra salt and harmful chemical substances during this filtration. Therefore, it also helps maintain the TDS level of water, giving your water supply a good taste and colour. Water filters for hotels are also equipped with a pressure pump to ensure a steady flow of water. “

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