Kent Gold + Water Sediment Filter

Additional information



No of people

20 – 25

Daily Capacity

120 L

Type of Filtration

UF Filter, Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter, SS Screen

Special Features

High storage capacity


Handy Countertop Water Sediment Filter

Having clean water to drink is becoming challenging day by day in Sri Lanka. Excess pollution caused both on land and water makes it impossible to drink raw tap water or even well water. Investing in a high-quality water filter for an affordable price is even challenging. Kent Gold + from PureHydro is an affordable handy countertop sediment filter. This is ideal for water purification at home. It has elegant housing with an easy-to-handle operating system. The filter weighs 3.4kg and has a storage capacity of 10 liters and a filtration capacity of 0.3 liters per minute. This sediment filter can handle a maximum of 35°C and acts as a better alternative for boiling water. It is equipped with gravity-based UF technology and high storage capacity.

It is equipped with gravity-based UF technology and high storage capacity. The inline sediment filter is a special feature of Kent Gold + and it is an important component of the water treatment system. Sediment filtration happens through mechanical filtration which means to easily trap sold particles like debris or rust flakes that can change the color of your water and make it impure. It is similar to a screen door at home that prevents bugs and dirt that blows in with the breeze. The sediment filter has a large surface area to sieve all the particulate. It can also get rid of the yellowish cloudy nature of water.

Kent Gold + sediment filter is designed with a number of other technologies to make sure your drinking water is fully purified. UF filtration used here traps all microbes using the 0.1 Microns Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF membrane to protect you from various waterborne diseases caused by microorganisms. The UF membrane would last you for the filtration of 4000 liters of water. This filter is also more eco-friendly as it does not require electricity or chemicals like chlorine, bromine, or iodine for operation. This makes your water tasty and healthy. Also, to ensure there is no wastage of water tank, an in-tank configuration is used to prevent overflow of water. This branded Kent Gold + water filter is certified by the renowned Gold Seal of the WQA (USA) and CE.

Additional Information:

  • USP – Tank-in-Tank configuration to prevent overflow
  • Installation – Tabletop
  • Technology – Gravity based UF technology
  • Filtration Capacity – 0.31 liters per minute
  • Max. Duty Cycle – 120 liters/ day
  • Storage Tank Capacity – 10 liters – Raw water, 10 liters – Purified water
  • Filter Cartridges – Sediment, Granular Activated Carbon, SS Screen, UF
  • UF Membrane – 0.1 Microns Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF Membrane
  • Expected Life of UF Membrane – 4000 liters
  • Maximum Operating Water temperature – 35°C
  • Dimensions (mm) – H (540 mm), W (360mm), D (380 mm)
  • Weight – 3.4 kg