PureHydro Articles on the Importnace of Clean Water and Water Borne Dieseases

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Chronic Diseases Caused by Lack of Clean Water for Consumption and Usage

Water is one of the priceless gifts of nature that no living being can survive without. Unfortunately, this nonrenewable resource is being polluted and exploited. The advancement of science and technology has made life easier in so many ways. However, while working towards various inventions and innovations, human beings failed to take the right step to conserve the environment and water resources. As a result, all living beings are at risk. PureHydro.IK Articles intends to discuss pollutions caused to several major waterbodies in Sri Lanka and how as a community, we have to stand against the massive pollution caused by industrial wastes. As Sri Lankan citizens, it is our collective responsibility to identify these issues and take necessary measures to overcome them.

PureHydro.IK Articles further exemplify how people worldwide suffer due to a lack of pure water consumption and other cleaning purposes. A larger population of the world strives on an everyday basis to find drinkable water to survive. There are PureHydro.IK Articles that talk about diseases caused by drinking impure water. Typhoid fever is one of the most common epidemic illnesses caused due to contaminated water and poor sanitization. Cholera is another fatal waterborne disease that occurs due to a lack of clean water. Dysentery is an intestinal infection that happens when the faecal matter comes in contact with food or water. There are even more dangerous diseases like Arsenicosis caused by long-term exposure to higher levels of arsenic in drinking water.

Drinking water free from all impurities is vital to being healthy. It helps to keep your body stronger and younger. Keeping your body hydrated with clean water is a shield to your respiratory system; it can help to prevent developing bacterial infections along the respiratory tract. Also, it can properly regulate your bowel movements. PureHydro.IK Articles also discusses how having pure water helps maintain your physique where it would assist in losing weight and make your skin look nice and fresh. Having plenty of purified water throughout the day will improve your mood and make you more active and energetic to carry out your daily activities.

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