Water Fitlers for Office

Kent Brand RO Filters

“It’s important to have pure drinking water at your workplace, that’s where you spend most of your time during the day. Employers have to make sure they can make pure water available for all the employees. Sometimes we may overlook the need for a good water treatment solution. However, we cannot rely solely on municipal water purification to provide water for many people on a daily basis. It is advisable to have a good water filter for offices to ensure the employees’ safety.

If your office involves a product manufacturing section, you will need pure water to make sure there are no issues in the production process and end products. Food, pharmaceutical and paint manufacturing companies and even construction industries should have a clean water supply for production purposes.

Water filters for offices are essential to have a good supply of clean drinking water. Employees cannot survive with a bottle of clean water brought from home. Sometimes due to lack of clean water, people avoid drinking water at workplaces which can affect their health. Not having enough water throughout the day may lead to bowel issues, fatigue, dull skin and weight gain. In the long run, it might cause more severe illnesses too.

PureHydro has ample choices of water filters for offices equipped with many purifying technologies. Kent +, Kent Prime TC, Kent Grand +, Kent Excell and Water Dispenser are some water purifiers that can be used in offices. RO filtration is one of the main technologies used in these filters. Water is forced through a semipermeable membrane during this filtration to remove excess salt and chemical substances dissolved in water. Hence, it can improve the taste of water by maintaining the TDS in it. A carbon filter is another commonly used filtration system in these PureHydro filters. Activated carbon has a higher porosity level on its surface that quickly absorbs chemical impurities like chlorine, arsenic, mercury, radon and other biological pollutants. These filters are also equipped with UV filtration technology to treat the microbes in water. This filtration does not add anything or remove any essential minerals from water; instead, the UV rays penetrate the pathogens and destroy their DNA structure to prevent further reproduction. Multiple filtration systems are used in these filters to produce water free from all kinds of impurities. All of these filters are equipped with a pressure pump to ensure a steady flow of water.

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