Pudumathalan Central College Water Filter Project

Blue Wave Water Purifier Installation for Pudumanthalan Central College

Pudumanthalan Central college is situated in the Nothern province of Sri Lanka. It is a prominent school, but they struggle to find pure water for basic needs. The daily teaching-learning process was interrupted due to a lack of water in the school premises. It also badly affected the sanitization and hygiene of the students, where they were even prone to water-borne illnesses. PureHydro came up with a solution to make clean water available for Pudumathalan Central College. A water purification system was brought up using the PureHydro Blue Wave water filter for the school.

Blue Wave water filter can be used for water purification at factories, institutions, schools, and hospitality. It can filter brackish water, well water, and tap water. It has a daily capacity of 1500L. With the equipment of different purifying technologies, the Blue Wave filter produces water free from all kinds of germs and contaminants. UV filtration is a major technology used. It can effectively remove harmful microorganisms in water without adding or taking away essential minerals. Ultraviolet rays penetrate through the harmful pathogens and destroy their DNA structure in order to stop further reproducing.

RO filtration is another purifying technology used in the Blue Wave water filter. Water is allowed to follow through a semipermeable membrane under pressure. This membrane can trap several harmful chemical contaminants and heavy metals like lead and arsenic that are not visible to our naked eyes. This filter is also equipped with carbon purifying technology. Activated carbon in the filter contains highly porous carbon particles. They can easily absorb contaminants and other harmful substances such as pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, chloride, and nitrate. A sediment filtration system is also used in the Blue Wave water filter. It can effectively trap and remove suspended solids. It acts as the primary filtration system that removes all physical impurities like dirt, debris, and rust flakes. It can make your water more clear and taste better. A pressure pump is also used in the filter to increase the speed of water flow so that there is a steady flow of water. Pudumathalan Central College Water Filter project conducted by PureHydro was of great help to make clean water available for students and teachers at the school.

  • Project Name: Pudumathalan Central College
  • Area: Northern Province
  • Number of people benefited: 500 students
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