Water Dispenser – Hot And Cold Water Filter

Additional information


Factories, Hospitality, Institution, Office

No of people

15 – 150

Daily Capacity

700 L

Type of Filtration

RO Filter, Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter

Special Features

Hot and Cold Water


Best 700L Water Filter

On a daily basis, a large population of the world struggle due to a lack of pure water for consumption. People are forced to lead an unhygienic lifestyle due to minimal access to clean water. Therefore it is the responsibility of every individual and community to conserve this precious resource and make it possible for everyone to have access to safe and healthy water. It is crucial to have a proper water purification system at home. Also, it is not practical to survive with the bottle of pure water you take from home. Therefore having clean drinking water in public places, institutions, and even for other hospitality purposes is vital; so that you can refill them with safe water wherever you go. PureHydro provides you with an affordable water dispenser with a hot and cold water filter that can help you and your colleagues at work stay hydrated.

The PureHydro water dispenser has a daily capacity of 700L to provide purified water for 15-150 people. This hot and cold water filter has many convenient features to provide you with cold, room temperature, or even hot water. It is also equipped with a water leak detector. The 700L water filter is ideal for factories, commercial and public areas, cafeterias, restaurants, and food courts. It is a highly durable water dispenser that has a non-corrosive body. You get island-wide service for free installation along with a one-year guarantee period. It also promises you a four-step purification to provide ultra-pure water.

The hot and cold water filter is equipped with RO technology. During this filtration using pressure, water is forced through a semipermeable membrane. This membrane removes the disease-causing contaminants like bacterias, viruses, fungus, and parasites. This saves you from several waterborne diseases. RO purification minimizes the TDS level of water; therefore, it can make the water taste better. Carbon purifying technology is also used in this filter. With the process of adsorption, activated carbon can trap all the physical impurities. A higher porosity level in the surface of the activated carbon allows it to absorb these contaminants easily. A sediment filter is equipped in this hot and cold filter to remove the suspended solids efficiently.

Additional Information:

  • No more paying for water bottle deliveries
  • 4 step purification
  • Hot Cold and room temperature water
  • Connects to the main water line
  • Water leak detector
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Non-corrosive
  • Recommends for cafeterias, restaurants and food courts
  • Free delivery & installation
  • Trusted, island- wide service
  • Ideal for commercial, public areas and factories
  • Equipped with RO purifying technology
  • Equipped with Carbon purifying technology
  • Equipped with Sediment purifying technology