SMN 3000 – 10000L RO Water Filter

Additional information


Factories, Hospitality

No of people

1000 – 3200

Daily Capacity

10000 L

Type of Filtration

RO Filter, Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter

Special Features

Pressure Pump


Industrial RO Water Filter

Water pollution is on the rise due to unfavourable human activities. A larger population in the world suffers from several waterborne diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid, and hepatitis due to a lack of pure water for consumption. Safe water is also an inevitable requirement for various industrial purposes. Inability to obtain purified water may disrupt several commercial productions. Food, clothing, paint and construction companies need clean water to ensure better production. Using unsafe tap water or well water may cause issues in the end product. Also, clean water is essential for rinsing, cooling, and human consumption in the industries. PureHydro aims to provide better water treatment solutions for households, industrial purposes and institutions. PureHydro’s SMN 3000 comes with the most affordable 10000L water filter price to help you efficiently purify your industrial water.

SMN 3000 water filter is ideal to be used in factories and for hospitality purposes. You may use this water filter for garment factories and water selling points. It can purify tap water, brackish water, and well water. It has a 10000L capacity to serve 1000-3200 people daily. This 10000L RO water filter comes with a special pressure pump to increase the speed of water flow by maintaining the pressure level. It is a durable water filter that can efficiently filter water for industrial purposes.

SMN 3000-10000L water RO filter is designed using a multiple purification system to produce pure water for your industrial needs. Reverse osmosis technology used in this filter removes chemical matters, bacterias, and viruses that are not visible to our naked eyes. With the use of pressure, water is forced down through a semipermeable membrane. During this process, the membrane traps particles larger than the water molecules. Carbon filter equipped in SMN 3000 is used to remove organic wastes and harmful chemical substances like chlorine and fluorine. Sediment purifying technology is also used. It functions through mechanical filtration and acts as the medium that traps all the physical impurities. It is the primary filter that removes the suspended solid particles like debris, slit, clay soil and rust flakes in the water. A sediment filter also has the ability to get rid of the turbidity in water caused by suspended solids.

Additional Information:

  • Suits for factories inedible food remain, garments, water selling points
  • Purifies brackish water, well water, tap water
  • Equipped with RO purifying technology
  • Equipped with Carbon purifying technology
  • Equipped with Sediment purifying technology
  • Includes a pressure pump