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A Variety of Branded Convenient Water Filters

PureHydro provides technologically well-equipped water filters in Sri Lanka with 12 years of experience in the industry. PureHydro water filters help you get rid of impurities with the involvement of chemical and biological phenomena using physical barriers. Our range of products assists you in providing clean water for various purposes. It could be for drinking, public usage, or irrigation purposes. You may choose a water filter or a purifier of your choice that suits well with your budget and needs. With the employment of the latest technology and design, we make sure you use and drink germ-free pure water. PureHydro provides water treatment solutions for domestic and industrial needs. Our filters are specially designed to cater to safe water requirements for your homes, schools, and offices.

We offer water treatment solutions with many unique features for convenient handling. We make sure your water is purified from viruses, bacterias, and even other harmful substances such as arsenic, fluorides, rust, and pesticides. Some of these impurities dissolved in water cannot be simply purified by boiling. PureHydro filters prevent these substances from entering your body. Also, they retain all the essential minerals that water contains. PureHydro.IK – where you find the best water filters in Sri Lanka to make sure you enjoy hassle-free installment. We also ensure that we bring to you high-quality products with optimal after-sale service.

Our purifiers include unique filters to best fit the purposes. Most of our filters contain RO, UV, carbon and sediment filters. The Reverse Osmosis system used in the filters forces down water through a semipermeable membrane to trap contaminants. As a result, it produces great-tasting healthy water. The carbon filtration system is used to filter substances such as chlorine and organic chemicals. The carbon material is heated in the absence of oxygen to remove impurities completely. Then the carbon is activated by steam. This process allows the trapping of chemicals and contaminants. Along with RO and carbon filters, we also use UF and UV filtration systems. PureHydro water purifiers in Sri Lanka provide you with the most reliable water purification solutions at an affordable rate.

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