SMN 800 RO Water Filter

Additional information


Factories, Hospitality

No of people

500 -1000

Daily Capacity

3000 L

Type of Filtration

RO Filter, Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter

Special Features

Pressure Pump


RO Water Filter For Industrial Use

Due to the increasing pollution and spread of waterborne diseases, water purification has become highly important. It has become inevitable to use pure water. PureHydro has a range of purifiers you can choose from to suit your need water purification needs. SMN 800 is an RO water filter that is highly recommended for industries and hospitality. It is suitable for water purification at hospitals, institutions, offices, small-scale factories and schools. At a time when RO water filter price is accelerating, PureHydro provides you with affordable options. SMN 800 purifies brackish water, well water, and tap water. It is equipped with RO, carbon and Sediment purifying technologies, including a pressure pump. It is a durable water purifier ideal for industrial use.

SMN 800 RO water filter ensures safe drinking water for everyone at your workplace. Reverse Osmosis purification is to strain water through a specially designed fine membrane to eliminate impurities that are not visible to our naked eyes. During this filtration, chemical contaminants and particles larger than water molecules do not pass through the membrane. This can block the chemicals and salts dissolved in water and maintain the TDS level of water. So RO water filter is ideal for homes and industrial purposes. With the inclusion of the pressure pump, you get a steady flow of water. It helps to maintain the correct amount of pressure. So that water does not just keep drizzling. It is also more environmentally friendly because it uses less energy.

SMN 800 also includes carbon filtration. Carbon is one of the most common substances used for water filtration. Bituminous coal, peat, or coconut shells are usually used as a coal source. It is through the adsorption process that contaminants are removed. SMN 800 RO water filter has a capacity of 3000L which can serve 500-1000 people daily. Check out PureHydro.IK for similar products from international brands. Our exceptional after-sales service and our service network will ensure you own a water filter worth the price.

Additional Information:

  • Suits for hospitals, schools, offices, small scale factories, institutions
  • Purifies brackish water, well water, tap water
  • Equipped with RO purifying technology
  • Equipped with Carbon purifying technology
  • Equipped with Sediment purifying technology
  • Includes a pressure pump