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Due to the rise of water pollution, there is a dire need to purify water before consumption or using it for other purposes. Waterways are polluted by industrial or agricultural activities and household wastes. This makes the water contaminated with harmful chemical and biological wastes. Unfortunately, a larger population of the world struggles daily to find clean water. The meagre water they get is barely enough for their basic needs. However, most of the time, the water they collect could be contaminated and not in any way suitable for consumption and other purposes. To fight against this situation we should avoid pollutions happening at different levels and make clean water more accessible for everyone. As part of the solution, PureHydro has come up with unique water purification systems to provide easy access to purified water.

PureHydro is a water treatment solution provider for homes, institutions, offices, factories and hospitality purposes. We have products of various capacities that are equipped with multiple purification systems. We have worked on several water filtration projects for various schools, institutes and offices. Our customers are highly satisfied with our products and the reliable after-sales services we continue to provide. We have under sink water purifiers, countertop purifiers and wall mounting purifiers to have clean water at home. Some of our industrial water purifiers are SMN 6000, SMN 3000 and SMN 1500. We have a large collection of water filters that you can choose from to go well with your requirements.

Contact PureHydro.Ik at any time through our customer services. Call us at +94115225200 for any questions. We are happy to provide any information you need. You can talk to our team to discuss your concerns regarding water purification systems. You may also visit Anthony’s Hardware (Pvt) Ltd No. 524, Sri Sangaraja Mawatha Colombo 10 or Home Mart showrooms in Colombo 10, Nawala, Orian City or mail us at [email protected] to get to know more about our products. Please feel free to use the form given below to Contact PureHydro.Ik. Our social media accounts are also open to your questions and queries.

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