Koonwewa Vidyalaya Water Filter Project

Koonwewa Vidyalaya Blue Wave Water Purifier Installation

Koonwewa Vidyalaya is a school situated in Koonwewa, Kahatagasdigiliya. This school was in dire need of a water treatment solution. Students and teachers of this school had to face difficulties during school hours due to a lack of pure water. They couldn’t survive with the little water they brought from home. Collecting drinkable water from the neighbourhood was sometimes even interrupting regular teaching-learning processes. They were worried about the sanitization and hygiene of the students within the school premises too. It was during such a situation that PureHydro got introduced to Koonwewa Vidyalaya. We were able to provide them with an affordable water purification system to solve all of their problems. Blue Wave was installed for the Koonwewa Vidyalaya Water Filter project.

Blue Wave water filter is an industrial water filter that can purify tap water, well water and brackish water. It also can be used for water purification at hospitals, offices, small-scale factories and institutions. Koonwewa Vidyalaya Water Filter is equipped with a pressure pump. It increases the speed of water flow and ensures a steady flow of water without any hindrance.

The filter is also equipped with four different purifying technologies. A sediment filter is the primary water filtration system. It can quickly get rid of dirt, soil and debris and improve the colour and taste of water. The carbon filtration system used in the filter can effectively remove chemicals like chlorine, arsenic, mercury and radon through a process called adsorption. The higher porosity level in the activated carbon can easily absorb these chemical and biological impurities. The UV filtration system is used to get rid of harmful microbes. UV rays penetrate these pathogens and destroy the DNA structure to avoid further reproduction. However, it cannot remove the taste and colour of the water. RO purifying technology is also used. In this filtration system, water is forced through a semipermeable membrane to sieve the excess salt content in your water supply. Therefore it can control the TDS in water which can improve the taste of water. Koonwewa Vidyalaya water Filter project, done by PureHydro aided them in having clean water in the school premises.

  • Project Name: A/Koonwewa Vidyalaya
  • Location: Koonwewa, Kahatagasdigiliya
  • Number of people benefited: 450 (Students and staff)
  • Product Name: Blue wave
  • Product capacity: 1500ltr
  • Liters per day: 1500ltr
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