Mallavi Mayil Vahanam School Water Purification Project

SMN 800 Water Purifier for Mallavi Mayil Vahanam School

Mallavi Mayil Vahanam was another school that was in need of a better water treatment solution. Students and teachers had to suffer due to a lack of clean water. The school management was highly worried about the sanitization and hygiene of the students since they were at risk of developing waterborne diseases. Even everyday educational activities got disrupted during school hours when they had to go out to collect clean water. During this unfortunate situation, PureHydro was able to provide them with a purification system to overcome the challenging situation. Mallavi Mayil Vahanam School,Water Filter project was done with the installation of SMN 800 water filter.

PureHydro SMN 800 is an industrial water filter suitable for water purification at schools, offices, small scale factories and institutions which can purify well water, tap water and brackish water. It has a daily capacity of 3000L and is equipped with three types of purifying technologies. RO filtration system is one of the main technologies used. During this filtration, water is forced through a semipermeable membrane to sieve extra salt dissolved in water and other chemical impurities. The water freshly filtered through this membrane is called permeate is less concentrated. Therefore it helps to maintain the TDS level of water which improves the taste of water. A carbon purifier is another filtration system used in SMN 800 water filter. Activated carbon in it contains a lot of pores on the surface which can absorb chemical contaminants like chlorine, arsenic, mercury, radon and other biological impurities. It also removes unwanted tastes and odours in water. The filter is also equipped with sediment filtration technology which is the primary purification system to get rid of physical wastes. It can quickly remove all suspended solids in the water supply. It acts as a shield that traps all the dirt, debris, soil and rust flakes in water to improve the colour and odour of water too. A pressure pump is used to ensure a steady flow of water from the filter. SMN water filter used for Mallavi Mayil Vahanam school, water Filter project was of great help to overcome the challenge of obtaining pure for the school.

  • Project Name: Mallavi Mayil Vahanam School
  • Number of people benefited: 1500 students
  • Product Name: SMN 800
  • Product capacity: 3000Lltr
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