What causes a stroke?

Minimizing Stress, having Pure and Healthy Food and Water is an Important Cure for Stroke


Stroke is a disease that occurs in the arteries that leads to the brain and in the brain. It happens when the blood vessel that takes blood and nutrients to the brain is blocked or burst. Being aware of what causes a stroke will help you and your loved ones to inculcate better lifestyle habits to prevent this deadly disease. Also, what causes a stroke needs to be clearly identified in order to minimize its risks. People who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and diabetes are highly likely to fall victim to strokes. People who are smoking are also at a higher risk of getting a stroke. Being obese and physically inactive, having a lot of soft drinks and taking prohibited drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine are among the risk factors for strokes. The immediate symptoms of a stroke are having difficulties in talking and being confused. You might find it hard to understand what others speak.

Stroke can cause temporary or permanent disabilities. It may result in paralysis. It could even happen to one side of the body or a certain muscle in your body. The stroke may affect the muscles in your mouth and throat, making it difficult to swallow food. There could be issues caused to your memory power and thinking ability. Most people who experience a stroke will have memory loss. Some may have problems in reasoning and making judgments too. A stroke can also cause an emotional imbalance. Someone who has had a stroke will not be able to control their emotions; there are chances for them to develop depression.

Following a healthy lifestyle based on your doctor’s recommendations can greatly help you recover from stroke and take precautions to prevent them in the future. Maintaining your high blood pressure is crucial to prevent a subsequent stroke. Doing regular exercises and maintaining proper weight is equally important too. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated with purified water and other healthy fruit juices. Also, try to plan out a healthy diet that contains a lot of fruits and vegetables. Cut down carbs, oil, and fat.


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