Water Filter for Schools

RO Water Filters for Schools and Other Institutions

“Having clean water for consumption is vital for schools and institutes. Surviving with a bottle of water brought from home is not something practical. Therefore every school and institute need to have a good supply of purified water. It gives a healthy alternative to sweetened drinks and allows students to stay hydrated, which helps cognitive function in children and adults. Water is the primary source of nutrition; 60% of the human body consists of water. It shows how important it is to drink plenty of water for consistent blood flow, which will, in turn, help oxygen and nutrient transportation. It also helps to detoxify your body. Fluoridated water helps to prevent dental cavities. Having a water filter for schools to purify water will prevent many people from getting affected by fatal diseases like cholera, typhoid and hepatitis. Clean water is also essential for sanitization. Using unclean water for cleaning purposes might damage the equipment used. It could even affect the health of students and teachers if used for preparing food. PureHydro has a variety of water filters for schools and institutes to make clean water available for consumption and other purposes.

Our water filters for schools and institutes are Blue Wave, Kent Super, Kent Prime TC, Kent Grand +, Kent Excell + and water dispensers. These filters are equipped with different purifying technologies to ensure optimal water purification. Sediment filtration is one of the most common purifying technologies. It is the primary type of filter that acts as a shield to all the physical contaminants like soil, dirt, debris and rust flakes. Sediment filtration also can improve the colour and taste of water. UF filtration is another purifying technology used; it consists of a membrane that acts as a barrier to remove harmful microorganisms like bacterias and viruses. During UV filtration used in the filter, UV rays penetrate the pathogens found in water and destroy their DNA structure avoiding further reproduction. Carbon filtration technology used in these filters treats harmful chemicals in your water supply. Through a process called adsorption, the higher porosity level in the activated carbon allows the absorption of chemicals like chlorine, arsenic, mercury, radon and other biological impurities. RO filtration system takes care of the TDS in water which improves the aesthetic quality of water. You can choose from a range of water filters for schools and institutes from PureHydro to best suit your requirements. “

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