1500L RO Water Filter

Additional information


Factories, Hospitality

No of people

150 – 300

Daily Capacity

1500 L

Type of Filtration

RO Filter, Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter

Special Features

Pressure Pump


Unique RO And Sediment Water Purifier

We will never consider it healthy to dip a cup into a waterway and drink water right away. Therefore purifying water for food manufacturing or other natural production purposes is just as important as purifying drinking water. Clean water is needed for every stage of production to ensure good end products and also to prevent damages to industrial equipment. Tap water or the water we get from water bodies will have a lot of contaminants. It could be chemical substances or even physical impurities. Hence, appropriate water treatment is essential to purify the water. PureHydro has a variety of water filters specially designed for industrial use. Aura Cebilon S is a 1500L water filter that can aid you in purifying your water for your industry. PureHydro intends to keep the 1500L water filter price affordable so that it is beneficial for even small-scale industries.

Aura Cebilon S 1500L water filter is ideal for water purification at schools, institutions, hospitals, offices, and factories. It makes your tap water, brackish water and well water free from all kinds of chemical and biological impurities. With a daily capacity of 1500L, it can provide filtered water for 150 – 300 people. In order to ensure a steady flow of water, a pressure pump is used.

RO purification technology is used in this 1500L water filter. The Reverse Osmosis process benefits your filtration in different ways. Primarily it gets rid of the disease-causing contaminants in water. The water is forced through a semipermeable membrane to sieve chemically harmful contaminants and dissolved salts to protect you from waterborne diseases. As the RO purification cuts down the excess TDS, it also improves the taste of your water where even the food cooked using the purified water tastes better. RO also can efficiently filter heavy metals like lead and mercury that can damage internal organs. The sediment filter used in Aura Cebilon S holds back the dirt that is not visible to your naked eyes. It can trap solid impurities like dust, sand and rust particles. It does not change the smell or color of the water but enhances the efficiency of RO membranes and UV filters.

Additional Information:

  • Suits for hospitals, schools, offices, small scale factories, institutions
  • Purifies brackish water, well water, tap water
  • Equipped with RO purifying technology
  • Equipped with Carbon purifying technology
  • Equipped with Sediment purifying technology
  • Includes a pressure pump