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PureHydro Home Water Purifiers

“Water pollution is rising due to unfavourable human activities. A large amount of industrial and domestic wastes are directed towards the waterways. Depending on raw water from these water bodies for consumption and other purposes has become impossible. People can no more dip in a cup and drink water from a nearby waterway to quench their thirst.

Having clean water will not only protect you from waterborne diseases, but it will also improve your health. Drinking plenty of clean water is good for your bowel movements. It will also help you lose weight quickly. When you’re hydrated, you can be active and energetic throughout the day. It can improve your appearance and give you fresh and glowing skin. Clean water also makes your food taste better.

We have to make sure that the water we use on a daily basis at home is clean enough. We cannot depend on municipal purification alone to ensure our safety. A good water treatment solution can provide you with water free from all impurities. PureHydro has a range of water filters for homes like PureHydro Pitcher, Under Sink Purifier, Kent Gold +, Kent Maxx, Kent Super +. You have many options to choose from. You can have a handy countertop water filter or an under sink water filter to enjoy clean water straight from the tap. PureHydro provides a variety of wall mounting water filters too.

PureHydro water filters are equipped with multiple purification systems to ensure water free from all impurities. The sediment filter is the most common filter used to remove physical contaminants like dirt, rust flakes, debris, soil and other suspended solids. This filter can also improve the taste and colour of the water. The carbon filter is the next main purification technology used in these types of filters. The activated carbon has a higher level of porosity which can quickly absorb chemical substances like chlorine, arsenic, mercury, radon and other biological impurities. The UV filtration system used in the filters can treat microorganisms. UV rays penetrate the pathogens and destroy their DNA structure to prevent further reproduction. However, UV filtration cannot improve the colour and taste of the water supply. These filters for homes are also equipped with a pressure pump to ensure a steady flow of water. Get in touch with PureHydro to purchase the most convenient water filter for you.”

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