SMN 6000 Industrial Water Filter

Additional information



No of people

1000 – 3200

Daily Capacity

20000 L

Type of Filtration

RO Filter, Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter

Special Features

Pressure Pump


2000L industrial water filter

Water is a limited nonrenewable resource that needs to be conserved. A large population in the world has no access to clean water therefore all individuals, commercial centres and industries have to come together to manage the water resource effectively. There are so many benefits when it comes to industrial water treatment. Industrial productions require a large amount of water for various purposes. The quality of water is highly important to ensure quality production. Contaminants in unpurified water might even cause negative impacts to the end product. Industries related to health care, food and beverage, paint production, and construction must have pure and safe water. Investing in an industrial water filter can provide you with safety assurance for all of your productions.

SMN 6000 industrial water filter has a daily capacity of 20000L which can serve 1000- 3200 people. It is equipped with a pressure pump. This supports the steady flow of water at a rapid rate with high pressure. So you can get enough purified water at any time without hindrance. SMN 6000 is ideal for industrial water purification for water selling points and garment factories etc. It can also purify brackish water, well water, and tap water. SMN 6000, 20000L water filter is designed to filter water within a short period of time efficiently.

SMN 6000 is equipped with multiple purifications to make you have safe water for industrial usage. RO purifying technology is one of them. In this filtration system using pressure, water is forced through a semipermeable membrane to trap foreign contaminants and other large molecules that are harmful. Reverse osmosis is the ideal purification method to remove heavy metals like nitrates and other chemicals like iron, lead, mercury, and arsenic. This industrial filter is also equipped with a carbon filter to get rid of biological and chemical impurities. The activated carbon material has a large number of pores on the surface. Through a process called adsorption, these pores can easily absorb and trap physical impurities like dust, lint, pet hair, and smoke. A sediment filter is used in this filter to get rid of sediments, particulates, and turbidity.

Additional Information:

  • Suits for factories inedible food, garments, water selling points
  • Purifies brackish water, well water, tap water
  • Equipped with RO purifying technology
  • Equipped with Carbon purifying technology
  • Equipped with Sediment purifying technology
  • Includes a pressure pump